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Word of the day- Comorbid



Medical Definition of COMORBID

– existing simultaneously with and usually independently of another medical condition

(thanks Merriam-Webster)

The word comorbid sounds weird. We know morbid is a strange fascination with subjects like death. However, when you look at the medical definition of morbid it means a disease. So co morbid means plural disease. That makes sense now.

I have more than one disease at the same time.  A lot of people do.  I am not sure that greater society knows this can often happen. I also think there is a lot of uncertainty about why this is.

Is there a family tree, and I have cousin diseases? Or is fibromyalgia on a completely different branch to inflammatory arthritis?

I have inflammatory arthritis, which isn’t rheumatoid arthritis but similar. It may eventually be known as something else as symptoms develop, but I hope not. Are these two brother and sister?

Nothing is ever straightforward. Labels can be helpful and unhelpful. I am still trying to work out which symptoms go with which illness. Maybe the medical profession can focus on clearing up what fibromyalgia is and we can all get over the unanswered questions.


Word of the day- Blethering



Blethering (also blathering)

Present participle

From the verb blather
-to talk continuously about things that are not important (Google)
-to talk long-windedly without making very much sense (Macmillan)

In my blog I keep blethering on.

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