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Pumpkins, where art thou?


This is an observation, not a whinge, (well, maybe it’s a bit whingy).

I turned my wall calendar over to October. The picture was a very cute baby in a pumpkin. Well, I live in Australia. Pumpkins aren’t out yet, there will be pumpkins abounding in probably March next year. I get that pumpkins are relevant to a lot of people in October. I looked in awe at the decorating feats of my fellow teachers in North Carolina to honour the great pumpkin month and season of Fall (I lived there for a couple of years).

However, there are many people to whom the arrival of a pumpkin picture to represent October means nothing. It was a pretty cute baby though, so not a complete disappointment.

If your audience is international you might want to think about that.

Just saying.

Baby in a Pumpkin