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About to launch


One day in August I had the thought that my bucket list contained too many overseas travel items and I had no plans or money to go anywhere anytime soon. So, I worked out a way I could pay for flights right then and booked a three week stay in England.

I am now hours from leaving on my trip, with three winter weeks in England and a day in Paris on my itinerary.

How will I go on my own, travelling with illness issues? Dunno
How will I go in the freezing temperatures for three weeks? Dunno
Will I survive? Yes
Will I enjoy myself? Yes
Will I be exhausted when I return? No doubt

I will try to post about how I am going sometime when a free wifi and my iPad meet.

Signing out from Australia.



Blogging in transit


For people with health challenges, airports really do push the limits. The location of this gate is at the end of the airport practically on the tarmac. They herd people on and off like cattle. Such is budget flying.

I am so thankful I arrived to my gate early.
1. To rest
2. To eat some yummy choc covered raspberry licorice bullets I just bought
3. To watch people arrive off flights
4. To watch kids and parents have meltdowns
5. To reflect on life

Hopefully happy flying, see you in Tasmania.