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This is a true story about three mice.


Once upon a time there were three mice. They all lived in the same bright coloured plastic, pet store bought, two story mouse house. Generally all the mice got along ok, even though they all had very different personalities. One mouse grew big and almost obese for mouse standards (and no one knew why). One mouse was very active always doing circles in the mouse wheel, content to run backwards and forwards through the tubes with random little pieces of paper to make imaginary nests. The third mouse was a very average, nothing special mouse. He was content living in the plastic mouse house, eating and drinking and cleaning himself on and off throughout the day, not bothering the other mice.

One morning something wasn’t right in the mouse house. Trouble had happened overnight. The fat mouse was laying in the bottom floor of the mouse house, probably asleep or drunk on fatness. The active mouse was up the top story of the mouse house, and he was eating the brain of the third mouse. (Don’t worry, the third mouse was dead already). How awful!

After the poor dead mouse with his brain exposed was removed from the mouse house, the remaining two mice went about continuing living.  Eventually the fat mouse died of whatever was wrong with him.  He did last a very long time for a mouse with health issues.This left the active mouse alone in the house. He continued running around quite busily until many weeks later, his body suddenly expired.  He was found stiff as a board in the morning and was added to the communal mouse grave where they all could be together once again.