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Project beginnings


There are quite a few posts about “day 22 of 100” or whatever. I’m not sure who started this countdown thing. Even though I like the thought of making a plan with a deadline I am unsure whether my skitty mind can work within those limitations. I’m trying to lay off lists, perhaps I should avoid countdowns too? Or do I need those constraints to keep me focused and motivated?

What I have done, because my mind works in metaphors a lot, is create my box. Here it is.


It’s a really cool inlaid wooden box I bought at an auction a couple of years ago. It was the first time I went to this particular auction house, Abbeys Auctions, and I think possibly my first buy or one of my first buys. I visit that same auction house regularly still and get some pretty cool stuff. I’m actually listening to an online auction there right now.

Anyway, I though this box can be my project box. Because I have a project in mind. I’m just slow to get it going. This is what I have already towards my project.IMG_2023-1

Yeah it’s empty. I haven’t got anything to put in my box yet. Starting a project is really hard. My mind is all over the place, it stops my hands from doing things.  But I have the box and an idea in my head. I’ll have to keep you updated what goes into my box, if creativity ever hits.