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A lovely spring day out


I am out and about on a lovely spring day despite a slow body start, so I’m feeling positive. I’m heading to a special artisan crafters type market. Just stopped off for a mocha and thought I’d give you all a look at my view right now. This is Flinders Street, Melbourne, Australia.



Old Stuff


Today I was out and about, having a good day, the best day I’ve had in a while. One of my passions is old stuff, so I decided to get a couple of pics to share with you today. I apologise for the iPhone photos, I intend to buy a good compact camera ASAP, especially to take on my upcoming holiday trip.
The first photo is of an item I placed on my stall today, a beat up old microphone.

The second photo is of a cool old building I drove past in Brunswick East, and just had to go back to photograph. What a life this tired old shopfront and house must have had.