Acceptance of a Chronic Illness


I thought I might feel better after three and a half days rest but no I don’t. It is sinking in what I am dealing with here. I have two illnesses, both of them awful in their own right. Neither will kill me, good, but both will make my life extremely difficult. Today I heated up and flared up and slept and then felt worse. Now, it is 2.30am and I am just feeling ok. I should be asleep now. I have plans in the morning. Fatigue and pain are tag teaming and sending me desperately crazy. How am I to continue like this? How am I to work like this? Where is that bloody book I ordered with all the answers (or so I hope)?

I am going to think about the stages of acceptance of an illness and how I am going to rise above all this illness and disease. I had already gone through this with my fibromyalgia diagnosis two years ago. Now I am back doing it all over again with the diagnosis of inflammatory arthritis that is most likely more specifically psoriatic arthritis if you ask Dr Me. This diagnosis has occurred right in the middle of a fibro/arthritis flare, a flare that is not appreciating my new medication, otherwise known as miracle drug. So here are the stages. Reflection time.

Stages of Acceptance of a Chronic Illness

Stages of Acceptance of a Chronic Illness


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    • You’re a fast cycling acceptor, rejector, acceptor, rejector, acceptor, rejector…. That must be fun NOT. It’s the stupid symptoms coming and going, none of it makes sense. Hope you’re having a good weekend. I’m hoping for a good Sunday. x Lisa

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    I remember how my late bestfriend talked about this infinite loop of going through several diagnosis and finally accepting the illness he had. But after such acceptance, there are times, as I observed, that he would be mad again for his incapability to stay, at least with me and his family, and then again he would resort to grief, blaming himself over encountering such circumstance. I knew it, when he passed away, he told me about accepting his fate, that even though he is weak, he tried to pursue his own dream.

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  3. I loved your blog and will follow you as a depressed psychologist who has leaky gut syndrome, fibromyalgia and irritable bowel syndrome + lichen planus for years.
    πŸ™‚ I am trying to change my life too. So, I reached the acceptance level. We cannot live like normal people. We should live better and create conditions for that. :)) Hard but a must…

    You go girl πŸ™‚


      • It helps in diagnosis but the shame of being helpless to help yourself is killing me πŸ™‚

        I am too ashamed to go to a psychologist myself but more than half of my psychologist friends suffer from mental disorders too. We are all ashamed so we just talk to each other as friends πŸ™‚

        Sad, but true. It helps while diagnosing and managing but it does not help when you want to talk about it πŸ™‚

        Here, I can talk about it freely and the community here helps a lot.

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  4. I hover between acceptance and anger, I think, depending on whats going on and how I am feeling. I have this ……..underlying suspicion, maybe……that total acceptance equals giving up, and that’s just not part of my make up lol.

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