To the world: please accept our children unconditionally and look after them


On freshly pressed right now is a post that is close to my heart. It is from the blog Raising My Rainbow. The woman who writes this blog, Lori, shares with her readers experiences of her family, especially around her “gender creative” son C.J.

Lori's blog tells her story and she has written a book as well.

Lori’s blog tells her story and she has written a book as well.

What has gone down recently, and what has featured on freshly pressed, is that some parents at Lori’s son’s school have spoken up both at a PTA meeting and after the meeting, with some discriminatory, homophobic and transphobic statements around the rights of children to express their gender identity.

One particular issue revolves around children’s right to use the toilets of the gender they identify with, not necessarily the gender they were assigned at birth. Apparently C.J. has not been using girls toilets, this is a rumour. But, he has been bullied in the boys toilets by other boys who demand to see whether he has a penis or a vagina. Bullied in the toilets. And these parents speak like this at the PTA meeting. Perhaps the apples don’t fall far from the trees. What a battle this family and this school have with these parents.

The situation can be read about here To The PTA Moms at My Son’s School and here The Last PTA Meeting I Will Ever Attend.

There are a lot of poorly informed, under-empathetic and under-caring people in this world. For starters, these are children we are talking about. How messed up do we want our future generation to be? Let them just be children. Without all the adult negativity and prejudice, I bet these children would all play happily together, going to whatever toilet they choose. At my school, right next to my art room there are two toilets used by boys, girls, women, men. No, stop it, please. The world is going to end because we share toilets. There’s no intention there, it’s just how it ended up in the design of a new building, we have two unisex toilets at that end of the building. Children have an amazing ability to be flexible of mind and accepting of others. We shouldn’t kill this.

As a teacher in a primary school, I see children who show different degrees of gender identity. We have not had an experience like Lori is going through at our school yet, but I would like to think my school would be very accepting and work through the issues, with the child and all the children’s welfare in mind. I know that I, as a parent of a gay son and one more informed than the average person, will be there to share information and encourage understanding. However, I know parents can be extremely single minded when discussing issues, and that is a problem.

There is a lot to be gained from informing oneself before opening one’s mouth. This article from an Australian TV program called Four Corners is a perfect way to share stories of the children who struggle with their gender identity and acceptance in the world.

Being Me by Four Corners

Being Me by Four Corners

It is through these stories that people can access information, information that they do not necessarily access otherwise in their lives. Not yet anyway. Society, in varying degrees throughout, is just beginning to learn about LGBTI acceptance and equality. There are places where LGBTI issues are open and understood greatly, but I would not think that many suburban or rural primary or secondary schools (elementary or high schools) are there yet.

At the end of the day, these are our children, they are born with promise and a bright future, let’s look after them and keep it that way.


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  1. I have a hard time respecting anyone (regardless of their beliefs, no matter how skewed) who is so controlling as to manipulate the appearance of the Publics opinion. I also cannot respect anyone who profits off of dramatizing their childs personal life. I read the alleged “hate speech” that this lady supposedly endured…. The comments/questions from the other mothers were not hateful, and furthermore these other mothers have every right to voice their opinions/ concerns in a Public Forum. Also, we are born either male or female (with a few RARE exceptions) it does not matter how you “feel” about it. These parents are setting their children up for a life of heartache, they should be ashamed, but I doubt any of you will be.


    • You might feel differently if you were experiencing the hate speech yourself. It’s very easy to tell someone else to suffer in silence when you’re not experiencing what they are. What you call “manipulating the Publics opinion” [sic] someone else might call calling out injustice.

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      • What I meant by “manipulating the publics opinion” was a reference to the fact that she did not allow any beliefs that differed from her own to be expressed on her post. I feel the need to call out injustices also, but I don’t try to silence and oppress others while doing it. What I see happening within this nation is that it is further and further being divided. We are not “One Nation Under God” anymore. We are not One Nation banned under anything actually. People are unfortunately divided and while those with more “liberal” mindsets gain more rights, why is it that I and others do not feel it is equality? We feel that we (the traditional minded) are on our way to being discriminated against. That is what bothered me about her (loris) post so much, she seemed to not even comprehend and definitly not care how these other women, her neighbors felt. Her feelings reigned supreme. She didn’t show them enough respect to stay and answer questions, she just further villinized women with more traditional vlaues, which was unfair to these mothers to do to them. I don’t know of even ONE Chrisitian/Traditional minded mom, who would ever wish any harm on a “trans” child! What woman would ever wish harm on any child?? How monsterous. It is one thing to strongly disagree with and see harm in a lifestyle of others, it is entirely different to actually be “hateful” toward A CHILD. I wish you all could understand that. Thank you, sorry this is so long.


  2. If only we had a world where adults didn’t crush the young. It’s a vicious cycle of taught ignorance, taught hatred, and taught worldviews. Taught = unnatural. Let’s break this cycle and let children be children who grow up to let children be children.

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