Zombie life


Zombie in car

Sometimes, well actually a lot lately, I feel like I’m floating through life in some semi conscious state, not really focused on anything. Dazed and confused and not able to concentrate. Like a zombie. I even just thought what if I am dead and I haven’t worked it out yet?

Can zombies drive cars and pump fuel and eat McDonalds? Maybe.


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  1. If I remember correctly then you have Fibromiyalia and are dealing with a symptom called “Fibro-Fog,” my RSD is in the same family of syndorms/diseases that are neuropathic and so we share sympotomes like these fogs. I have found no amount of caffeine in the world can help lighted the fog, but learning to make reminders, schedules, lists and what not can really help when you are in a fog so you don’t forget anything.
    I only warn that you have to gage how bad your fog is at the time and how safe you feel operateing a vehicle for your safety and others on the road. I pray you are not at the point I am, where I have to decide if I can drive or as I have needed for the past month to arrange rides to and from appointments since my fog plus meds and vision issues for me (RSD affects the eye’s muscles and their ability to focus.)
    Also zombies love McDondalds! What did you think was in the hamburger meat? (Just kidding)
    I hope you are having a good, low fog day and enjoy your hamburger meat!

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    • This is fog on meds. It’s a maxi fog. It just goes on and on and on. The worst I’ve had it ever. I used to know what I was doing but now I don’t all the time. Hope it settles down soon. I haven’t got time for all this flaring. I’m going to look up RSD 🙂


      • I understand medication fogs. I am dealing with one now from the new medication I had to start for my Gastroparesis.
        I suggest going to RSDHope.com to learn about RSD /CRPS which stand for Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (the most recent old name) and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (the newest name for it). I at stage 4 and already have it internally in my abdominal wall and possibly in my stomach which might be adding to the Gastroparesis (my stomach and GI tract are not working right the nerves are misfiring and my stomach is not emptying right.)
        I have had it for 10yrs now and “just keep swimming” no matter what comes my way. I hate it, but I will just keep reaching out. This is why I blog and use social media because I am so limited on what I can and can’t do anymore. Also my pain level stays between a 7-9/10 (0= no pain, 10= worst pain ever, which I’m pretty sure you are familiar with) most of the month due to my numerous medications and Ketamine/Xylocaine infusions I do 4 days in a row 4hrs a day outpatient a week each month. I am up to Ketamine dose of 1,180mg/4hr infusion and the Xylocaine addition is new so this next infusion I will find out how much will be infused with my Ketamine.
        I hope the medication fog is short lived or your doctor can either change you to a better, low fog medication. I hope this medication fog is short lived for your sake.

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      • Also thank you for looking up RSD, November is Awareness month so I am so happy I am sharing it with at least on more person. I would love to learn more about you in general, not just all the med/health talk. I have a feeling we have so much more in common.

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