Miracle Drug Day 1


Miracle Drug Day 1:

The miracle is that I am still alive.

The side effects are lining up to be heard. I didn’t think it possible, but if feel worse than before, especially with the pain. For a drug that is supposed to fix the problem, it’s funny that the problem suddenly got worse. I am getting weird shooting pains that I haven’t had in a while, making my whole body jump. I haven’t had them so much since getting my first miracle drug that has now been relegated (by me) to just a regular drug.

Issues have also moved into my mouth and my throat. If I didn’t know any better I’d say I was getting sick, like what others say is “really sick”, you know the type of sick that normal people get, like the flu or chicken pox or something. At this point I’m not sure if I am getting “sick”, having a flare or having side effect issues. What I do know is that I felt so bad that I decided to order regular pizza, not gluten free, and garlic bread and Coke. (Whoa, now that’s crazy living right there). I guess my body is crying out for something. Maybe an immune system boost? With pizza?

I have this pretty cool thing to teach in Art tomorrow and I don’t want to miss the day because I’m feeling crap or getting sick. And then there’s the problem of a Dr certificate, I don’t remember how many days I’ve taken without one. If I am sick I will have to go see him but I’m sure it’s really the new rheumatologist guy who I should contact if these symptoms continue carrying on. I’m just not that good at doing all that caring for my stuff stuff. But there’s no one else to do it for me.



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