Crazy brain moments


Stone lady thinking

Some days I have a crazy frustrating circular fight going on in my head and I am sick of all the to-ing and fro-ing. A lot of these thoughts aren’t even that accurate, they are somehow twisted according to my mood or how stressed I feel or how fatigued I am or how much pain I am in. It might go like this:

There’s all these things to do.

I have to do something, now!

But, it’s such a lovely day to relax.

I need to relax for my health.

And there’s nice things to do like drawing.

But I have other things I should be doing.

Oh, I just noticed something else that needs doing.

So many things are being neglected.

I don’t like the way the things look.

I don’t have time to do them all.

Because I have to rest all the time so little gets done.

I hate that I feel like lead and that my body hurts as soon as I move to do something.

I shouldn’t do the lovely things I have waiting to do like drawing and reading and writing and art.

Because of all the things I have waiting to do that have to be done.

And I’m just sitting here debating what to do.

And doing nothing.

But I must have got some things done.

Because they are done and I have moved on to new things.

I ‘d better just decide what to do and start doing it.

I know, I’ll get a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit.

Then I’ll start something.

Brain technical difficulties


About lisasretro

I'm a 41 year old teacher, single and have one adult son. I'm currently finding a new me and new style of living while learning to manage chronic illness. In short, my mind is over active and my body can't keep up. I love art, retro and vintage stuff, eclectic fashion and travelling anywhere and everywhere. I often also get all caught up in social justice issues, my fave being marriage equality, until it happens here in Aus. Bucket list enabled, hold on tight.

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