Drumroll… a new diagnosis…


I went to the rheumatologist today with my insides angry and worried. This is the third time in five years I have tried for a diagnosis. I have never been satisfied with the answers provided to answer the myriad of symptoms I experience. I know I have Fibromyalgia, and medication is working to minimise my nerve and muscle pains. Recent elevation of pain in my right leg in particular led me to bluntly tell my GP some weeks ago that I wanted my foot pain solved. After X-rays showed nothing, he decided to send me to a new rheumatologist. Which led me to more blood tests, X-rays and MRIs of a foot and a hand, over the last couple of weeks.

Feet X-rays

Apparently certain MRI radiologists know how to seek out and find signs of certain illnesses and you have to go to one of those places and pay through the nose to get top quality tests done. Funny, but the hospital where the rheumatologist’s consulting suite is apparently has a leading MRI department. So I have now become a regular at a private hospital on the most plush leafy side of town. I can now claim to have found a favourite 2hr free parking spot outside the mansions of a privileged few and dream what may lie within.

Anyways, the big new is… THEY FOUND SOMETHING. The radiologist report of my foot was scathing. Significant inflammation it said. After a discussion with my new rheumatologist I received a satisfying diagnosis for my symptoms… Inflammatory Arthritis.

The Doctor called me interesting, that was the word he used. I am interesting because I have both Fibromyalgia and Inflammatory Arthritis. All I could think was, I knew it, I knew it! Finally my complaints have been proven justified. I knew there were different things going on in my body. I suspect that if he said today (like other times before) that the tests showed nothing, I would have become quite emotionally distressed. Being told I have Osteoarthritis four years ago was a dud diagnosis, now found wrong. Being told I have Fibromyalgia two years ago made sense but was difficult to integrate into my busy life and it disturbed my mind a fair bit for a while.Β The new diagnosis made me happy. (Strange, but true). The best thing is, I can now try medication that should make a big difference to how much pain I have to endure daily. I really hope so.

Cross fingers that this is third time lucky and I never have to go through this uncertainty again.

Mr Happy


About lisasretro

I'm a 41 year old teacher, single and have one adult son. I'm currently finding a new me and new style of living while learning to manage chronic illness. In short, my mind is over active and my body can't keep up. I love art, retro and vintage stuff, eclectic fashion and travelling anywhere and everywhere. I often also get all caught up in social justice issues, my fave being marriage equality, until it happens here in Aus. Bucket list enabled, hold on tight.

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  1. It’s so unnerving to not have a definitive diagnosis. I was told all my symptoms were psychological. When I finally received an MS diagnosis, part of me was so relieved. I totally get what you feel. I hope you can start on a new healing journey. πŸ™‚

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  2. It’s so frustrating going on for years without confirmation of your symptoms. It’s like you owe it to your body to have a name- even if you know deep down there is nothing anyone could do for you either way.
    Although, now that you have a confirmed name, I do hope there will be treatments or medications to help you somewhat.
    Here’s to your collection!

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  3. My mum went through similar trials and tribulations for years trying to get a definitive diagnosis for her own illness so while I can’t say I understand fully what it must be like, I’ve seen the frustration close up.

    And I’ve seen the knock-on effect having one thing majorly wrong has on the rest of your body, as my mum now has the beginning of arthritic problems as well.

    But it definitely is better to know what is going on. I hope everything goes as smoothly as possible for you moving forward.

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  4. I’m glad that you finally found out what was going on. Knowing something about our own body should hold weight with doctors, but it doesn’t and that’s so frustrating. I so hope that the meds will help with the pain. Have you tried any alternative medicine to supplement & support your emotional wellness? I go to a wonderful reiki healer and it really helps with my energy level and it nourishes my soul. It might be a good thing to try – for your energy flow.

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  5. Not knowing is the worst. Having a name for it – even an unwelcome name – is validation. And it gave me something to fight. And like you, I listened to my instinct when it came to doctors; eventually I found the right one to be my partner in the fight. It makes ALL the difference.

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