Claw machine

Imagine one of those claw machines where you put in $2 and then you try to send the claw to the exact spot where you can activate drop and bam, the claw will drop, securely pick up a cute soft toy from the top of the pile, and then return to the front of the machine in order to send the toy through the winners chute to its new owner.

Now imagine the soft toys at the very bottom of the machine that support the top toys, but that the claw cannot reach. These toys were created with the same materials as the others, they all have cute eyes and soft cuddly bodies. However, because of where they lay they will never be clawed and will never be owned and will never be set free to the world outside the machine.

The bottom toys are stuck. They cannot move independently and cannot change their position on their own. They must be shuffled by someone empathetic to their cause, or given a new place at the top of the toy pile. They rely on the owner, the governor of the machine who puts his hand in to refill the machine, to provide them with an opportunity for freedom. If he chooses not to move them from the bottom, then there they stay.

The bottom toys are equal to the other toys and would be have a cherished place in the outer world but their opportunities are not equal.

“How sad” you say? Yes it is.

“All you need to do is move the bottom toys to the top so they can be won too”. Yes, that is all you need to do.


About lisasretro

I'm a 41 year old teacher, single and have one adult son. I'm currently finding a new me and new style of living while learning to manage chronic illness. In short, my mind is over active and my body can't keep up. I love art, retro and vintage stuff, eclectic fashion and travelling anywhere and everywhere. I often also get all caught up in social justice issues, my fave being marriage equality, until it happens here in Aus. Bucket list enabled, hold on tight.

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