This too shall pass


Today I suffer for having a good day yesterday.

Yesterday even my toes were gleaming with dark red polish as I wandered through a small shopping centre catching up on jobs. I dallied in the bookshop. I had to buy a book. I didn’t want an ebook I wanted a book. Such a definitive, important book, The Artists Way (, an ebook just wouldn’t cut it. I found jeans, but not just jeans, I found jeans I love! How hard is that? They are of the popular name, “boyfriend jeans”. The fact that they are a current popular trend is a bonus. I texted my sister, “Can I buy boyfriend jeans if I don’t have a boyfriend?”. “Haha yes” pinged back the reply. I was in such high spirits I even told the sales girl my joke. I sat and ate one of those mixed Asian food plates, the ones only found in such shopping centres. In and out of stores I crossed all my jobs off my list.

Sneaky pic in the change rooms.

Sneaky pic in the change rooms.

Yesterday I knew I was lucky for a sunny, happy day. But I also knew I’d pay.

Today movement is optional. The jobs may or may not get done, but it will be an uphill struggle the whole day. I don’t have the option of resting or not. One, my body says I have to, and two, I have to rest before flying out tomorrow to visit family. However, resting is not sitting peacefully sipping coffee and reading a magazine. Resting is laying in bed with my head lifted by 2 pillows, holding my iPad. Or, I might shuffle to the couch and watch some tv or read or maybe even draw. At some point I will pretend I’m not in pain so I can meet my new cleaner. Yesterday I wondered if she was necessary, today I know it must be. C’est la vie.


About lisasretro

I'm a 41 year old teacher, single and have one adult son. I'm currently finding a new me and new style of living while learning to manage chronic illness. In short, my mind is over active and my body can't keep up. I love art, retro and vintage stuff, eclectic fashion and travelling anywhere and everywhere. I often also get all caught up in social justice issues, my fave being marriage equality, until it happens here in Aus. Bucket list enabled, hold on tight.

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