Headaches & Migraines & Mushrooms


What is a headache?
A headache is a continuous pain in the head.

I would have thought a migraine was a continuous pain in the head also.

What then is a migraine?
A migraine is a recurrent throbbing headache that typically affects one side of the head and is often accompanied by nausea and disturbed vision.

I wonder if my experience of a headache and a migraine is the same as yours?
No I’m sure it isn’t.

When I strain something and it hurts I rest it. So can I rest my brain when I strain it and I have a headache?
Apparently I should be able to (even if I honestly suspect my head is thinking even when I’m not noticing it).

Why do I say apparently?
Because the internet said so and that would be RIGHT, but I’m not sure I agree.

What can I do, other than resting my brain, to stop a headache or a migraine?
This answer is very clear… medication, medication, medication. But take it before you have a headache and don’t take too much. Well, duh.

Interestingly, engaging your brain in more thinking, just of the positive kind should also help.


I’m going to take my meds and go to bed and hide in a darkened room. Mushrooms don’t get headaches, I think they’re onto something.

Webmd was very helpful in my research, even if I didn’t really read it properly due to a growing headache.


About lisasretro

I'm a 41 year old teacher, single and have one adult son. I'm currently finding a new me and new style of living while learning to manage chronic illness. In short, my mind is over active and my body can't keep up. I love art, retro and vintage stuff, eclectic fashion and travelling anywhere and everywhere. I often also get all caught up in social justice issues, my fave being marriage equality, until it happens here in Aus. Bucket list enabled, hold on tight.

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